Oi! Sleeping Beauty!

“We three queens of Orient are…”

It is a Christmas tradition to be a part of a pantomime. (No, really. The Chrissie Panto is a big part of Straits culture). So I went and watched Wild Rice’s ‘Oi! Sleeping Beauty! The Wake-Up Musical’ and enjoyed it tremendously, as I did the last time I watched their Panto (Cindere-lah! – 2003).

If you’re thinking of catching this year’s, there’s only Friday’s show left, so go buy your tickets now. It’s really worth your while, because if you’re a blogger worth your salt, you’d like that little bit of cheekiness and good-golly-how-on-earth-did-that-pass-MDA’s-scrutiny in the script, written as only Jonathan Lim and Ivan Heng can.

Remember to bring a jacket – the Drama Centre’s air-con a bit the strong.

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