Don’t say no, just sago

Raw sago pearls

I was reading up on sago, and telling myself, ‘Wah, this nifty little palm product makes so many different types of dessert across so many countries and cultures, so it’s got to be hailed as a truly pan-Asian foodstuff’.

Good thing it was only two seconds later that I realised ‘Fuck lah, rice! Rice also what! Stupid!’

But never mind, you should still take a look at what sago can be used to make – at the Singapore Food History webpage.

And then you can go vote for Mr Miyagi.

Sago as cooked and used in traditional confectionery such as Kueh Sum Ting

Vale, C.V. Devan Nair

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3 responses to “Don’t say no, just sago”

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  2. whitebait Avatar

    Truly Mr Miyagi you are a PR genius. Singapore food blog entries make me happy to vote 🙂

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