Blog by Jake: Vote for my owner!

A coffee a day keeps the cat at play

This is soooo cool! This weekend, my owner’s taking me to the vet to be tutored! Tutored! I’m gonna be learning new things! I’ve got such a cool owner, so you better go vote for him at the Weblog Awards!

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8 responses to “Blog by Jake: Vote for my owner!”

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  2. chainsawieldinun Avatar

    awwwww! kitty!!! cute!!! me. go. vote. now. 🙂

  3. smellyfart Avatar

    i vote and vote and vote every day but still your vote is so little compare to others… must post more pretty photos ler!

  4. cornelius Avatar

    u play on words neutered or am i jus assuming?

  5. meow Avatar

    Shhhh! Don’t say the N word! It’s tutored jake, T.U.T.O.R.E.D.

  6. […] #@$!%# owner went and fixed me! I bite his camera! They said I’d be better. They said I’d get a certificate. I got a certificate. But I’m not happy at all. Try falling asleep and waking up and trying to clean yourself down there and whoa… where they go?! Oh well, I’m still gonna scratch the furniture and walk on the keyboard. (And vote for Mr Miyagi). […]

  7. […] like Miyagi has mustered his cat Jake and even famous stars to promote his vote, mr brown must also find new things to swing the […]

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