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Ex Wallaby
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Basket, people have been doing this for, like, damn long already, can? Posting pictures of army training, leh! How come now only then got people get into trouble?

Anyway, if you have any ‘authorised’ pictures of army training, heck, of any training, heck, of anything, you can send the pittures down to Hotprint to be printed, y’know? They do photoshopping as well as Xiaxue does apparently, so my brother tells me.

My brother co-owns Hotprint, so he should know. He takes pictures of Xiaxue and studies them to see where she’s touched up her face and all, and then tells me he can do better. We’ll wait for Xiaxue to send him one of her pictures and see what he does, ok?

Meantime, send all your Ex Wallaby photos to be Hotprinted, but make sure they’re ‘authorised’ first, can? Tankew.

Send pics online to be printed

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14 thoughts on “For all your (authorised) photo printing needs”

  1. hehe yes I love hotprint because I can upload the pics and get them sent to me the next day! Haven’t been printing pics in awhile though.

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