Attention! Attention!

Ex Wallaby 2005
“Attention, attention… 15% off all kevlar helmets at tent #27… Hurry, hurry…”

Outside the tent I shared with sixteen other soldiers at Samuel Hill Camp was a loudspeaker that blared out announcements about every twenty minutes, asking this soldier and that to report to where at when. Very annoying when you’re trying to sleep.

The announcements are usually preceded by some crackling and the usual chime, like any P.A. system, then followed by the deadpannest voice you’ll ever hear, saying “Attention, attention, would Warrant Soh Ann Soh please report to Fifty Six Cat Ops Room please, I repeat…”.

One evening, instead of the chime, there was this huge-assed air-raid siren followed by an apologetic voice:

“Oh, oh, sorry sorry….

…eh, press what button ah?


Attention, attention…”

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