Coming soon: mrbrownshow episode dunnowhat

Picture 1-1Apologies to all fans of ‘Zhng My Car’ and the mrbrown show. We know it’s too many days between episodes, but you know lah, mrbrown got baby come out, I got work and all. But not to worry! Another episode’s in the making, and will be published soon!

In the meantime, here’s a downsized version of the behind-the-scenes, director’s cut of out-takes of the last show’s recording. (Originally on Kenny Sia’s site, but the fella, dunno how to compress into smaller file).

Trailer: Making of the mrbrown show (.mov file, 6.09 min, 30.1Mb)

TODAY: Don’t kill yourself trying to get noticed

TodaycartoonThere are much better ways of getting your blogs noticed – try being interesting!

WITH more than 60 million blogs in the world, what are your blog’s chances of getting noticed? And can you improve these chances?

Even with online tools like Technorati ( and RSS (really simple syndication, a tool available on most web portals like MSN and Google) which help readers subscribe to sites and organise their list of things to read online, you’ll still have to do something to catch their attention and make a visit to your site worth their while.

To that end, blogger Blinkymummy (, a 29-year-old lists what she thinks makes readers sit up and take note of blogs.

Saying that she has been “losing readership”, she wonders if she’d gain more fans if she were to “scold handicap people with no hesitation, go for extreme plastic surgery or commit blog suicide because of flamers”.

Read more at TODAYonline

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Congratulations Singapore Gymnastics team!

A gold medal at the SEA Games may not figure much in the international sporting arena, but it’s an important step for the sport of gymnastics.

Even more importantly, it goes to show that if you put in bits of the right stuff in your preparation, you’re very likely to succeed where $3 million into a soccer team with a whole load of foreign names won’t.

So, come on, Singapore Sports Council, let’s keep supporting the right people and help local athletes in lesser known sports. Especially sports which don’t resemble a money-making venture.

Congratulations again, Singapore Gymnastics team. Then again, watching you train week-in, week-out, me and my colleagues always knew you were gonna do well.

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For all your (authorised) photo printing needs

Ex Wallaby
Visit Maxheadroom’s page of Ex Wallaby 2001 photos

Basket, people have been doing this for, like, damn long already, can? Posting pictures of army training, leh! How come now only then got people get into trouble?

Anyway, if you have any ‘authorised’ pictures of army training, heck, of any training, heck, of anything, you can send the pittures down to Hotprint to be printed, y’know? They do photoshopping as well as Xiaxue does apparently, so my brother tells me.

My brother co-owns Hotprint, so he should know. He takes pictures of Xiaxue and studies them to see where she’s touched up her face and all, and then tells me he can do better. We’ll wait for Xiaxue to send him one of her pictures and see what he does, ok?

Meantime, send all your Ex Wallaby photos to be Hotprinted, but make sure they’re ‘authorised’ first, can? Tankew.

Send pics online to be printed

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