Inciting rage, dissension, and the wrath of some starlets

Yes, I did say this:

“Eh, shoot leh, use your phone the video and shoot leh. Hurhurhur.”

And next thing you know, mrbrown’s made his first ‘political film‘, a 7-second epic about lunch-time at Raffles Place, starring Chee Soon Juan and a coupla banners.

Later at coffee, a friend told us about her encounter with Fiona Xie at a party.

I shall not tell you about her encounter with Fiona Xie at the party, because none of Mr Miyagi’s Operatives were there, and as a result, cannot vouch for anything that transpired between Fiona Xie and anyone else.

FX: Heyyyyy, how are you doing? I haven’t seen you for soooo loooong. Whatcha up to now?

Friend of brown and Miyagi (henceforth known as FBM): Erm… I’m good. I’m working at [name of firm]

FX: Oooh, so what do you do?

FBM: It’s an advertising agency?

FX: Advertising? Why? That’s like, so uncreative.

FBM: Erm, yeah, ok.

FX: OK, can I have your namecard?

FBM: OK. Here ya go.

Mr Miyagi’s eagle-eyed operatives, were however very much on the ball scouring the net for gems about local starlets. This just in off Sammyboy’s Forums:

From: greenlaser 4-Oct 21:45
To: Posse69 22 of 30

83213.22 in reply to 83213.1

It is obviously crap but no matter what Janice Wong still cannot be a sbad as this short, flat-chested, pompous, no-talent, bullshitting twit:


She is 100% Chinese but she is constantly trying to con people that she is western.

She spent three unproductive years in Los Angeles but that in no way makes her western.

She is a Hokkien-speaking Malaysian in real life.

Hokkien-speaking Malaysian no-good meh? I tell her then you know!

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2 responses to “Inciting rage, dissension, and the wrath of some starlets”

  1. eLsi3 Avatar


    ya. tell her than u know.

  2. eLsi3 Avatar


    ya. tell her than u know.

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