When Special Deeds meet Special Needs

We’re still receiving calls from parents of special needs kids interested in joining our free gymnastics and motor skills classes on Saturdays. So many calls that I get them mixed up with calls from parents of normal kids, who, as you can imagine, get a bit offended when I ask them what medical condition their children have.

I tells youse, don’t get offended. Be thankful can already. Can?

The other bunch of people who ought to be thankful are parents who think they can sneak their non-special needs kids into the class. Yes, you be thankful it is illegal for me, amongst other things, to smack you goodly.

“My daughter likes to jump around a lot lah” does not count as a ‘special need’. Neither does “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder – To Be Diagnosed”.

Actually, I don’t have to smack you lot around. I’ll just leave your names and telephone numbers to the parents of the several dozen special needs kids who are on our waiting list to join this free class.

Enough negative energy, because it’s time to focus on champions.

This week’s champs have to be the Singapore Gymnastics (women’s artistic gymnastics) team for the SEA Games. The squad trains at Bishan Sports Hall, sharing the facilities with us on Saturday evenings because of a lack of facilities.

Now, as you can imagine, it is very difficult for the girls to concentrate while dozens of kids and their parents are running around the floor from station to station. Instead of complaining, the girls suggested we move our class to an hour later, so that they can finish their training and then volunteer their time to assist us in coaching the special needs kids!

So, Singapore WAG team for SEA Games, youse are all champions. No need to win medal at the SEA Games (but we know you will anyway):

Lee Wen Si
Lee Wen Ling
Tabitha Tay
Nichole Tay
Lim Heem Wei
Stacy Peh
Nabilah Nur Atikah

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