Working the weekend sucks, but at least there was something funny to take out of it.

Again I’m also grateful to the volunteers who turned up on Saturday to help at my company’s Special Olympics Gymnastics class at Bishan Sports Hall. You guys are wonderful.

Then there were the two other people who were accidentally volunteered by my colleagues and I. Thank you also. Heh.

Last week, my colleague took a call from a Kevin (or Kelvin) from the Down Syndrome Association, who said he wanted to meet us to discuss further collaboration on programmes for special needs kids. Then he took a call from a Kelvin (or Kevin) from some company who wanted to see if we or the parents of children attending our programmes would be interested in buying mini-trampolines from his company.

My colleague said ok to meeting Kevin (or Kelvin) from the DSA, hoping to show him how our special needs class worked. My colleague also forgot he said ok to Kelvin (or Kevin) from the mini-trampoline company, to meet us at 6pm Saturday as well.

Meanwhile, I was running around coordinating the volunteers who were turning up several at a time. Kelvin (or Kevin) turns up with a workmate, and I immediately assumed he was a volunteer, as did my colleague. We instructed Kelvin and his workmate to take their shoes off, put their bags one side (‘don’t worry, no one will take your bags – put them there’), and join the rest of the volunteers being assigned to the various gymnastic apparatus stations on the floor.

It didn’t occur to me or my colleagues that Kelvin (or Kevin) wasn’t a volunteer. Even when he brought his sample equipment (which he had hoped to sell) down to the floor. We even put his mini-trampolines to use for the special needs kids. 40+ of them, trampling on the trampolines good good.

It was only after the class was over that my colleague told me about the bungle, and that he was too busy to take Kelvin (or Kevin) out of the class circuit, and that besides, Kelvin (or Kevin) looked like he was enjoying himself.

So, thank you, Kelvin (or Kevin), of the company that sells mini-trampolines. You rock!

Swist Precision
My company operates with ‘Swist Precision’. Prease forgive.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of North Dakota from the album “Live In Texas” by Lyle Lovett of which I have the original CD.

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  2. neyton Avatar

    hooo. was a bit hectic last sat.. but it was really fun! =)

  3. neyton Avatar

    hooo. was a bit hectic last sat.. but it was really fun! =)

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