Straits Times podcast: Bloggers on blogging

(ST Graphic) Next issue: Reading blogs can get you in trouble too

mrbrown and myself provided a fabulously fresh perspective on this exciting new subject on Thursday when Jolene, an intern with the Straits Times, came and watched us eat lunch, drink tea and talk for an hour about how teachers are too thin-skinned, and how students nowsaday dunno how to suan teachers without getting into trouble. (Tip: Don’t go to that Junior College lah!)

Jolene then went back to SPH, edited out her own voice (poor thing), and put some chick’s one on (after telling us it was Arnold Gay who was gonna be interviewing us after listening to our answers), and voila, y’know, there’s a three-minute podcast for your listening pleasure. Our own version of the interview will be on a new episode of the mrbrown show. Stay tuned. Meantime, listen to the Slanted Straits Times one:

Podcast: Straits Times: Bloggers on Blogging
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