Singapore Writers’ Festival

Damned rude, answering phone call while delivering talk. Let’s just say money was involved, can? OK. Sorry ah, so rude, me interrupting myself giving a talk.

What irony.

It was good to see non-bloggers at our segment of the festival on Saturday though. There’s more Sunday afternoon, where we’ll be giving a talk with Cory Doctorow, so I’ll be posting an update after. I’m just too tired from the afternoon, the steamboat dinner, where Cory almost choked on a long piece of kang kong, and the ice-kachang dessert after.

To the SWF organisers, thank you for your generous hospitality. The biscuits in the lounge were tasty. The audience at our talk must also have been pleased with the generous accomodation. Full house still got so many seats to stretch out on. You guys rock!

So boring meh?

Preparing for SWF
mrbrown giving Xiaxue make-up tips

Singapore Writers' Festival
Singapore Writers' Festival
Singapore Writers' Festival
Singapore Writers' Festival
mrbrown, xiaxue and myself taking over the Writers’ Lounge and eating all the biscuits… video coming soon.

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