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Thanks to local heroes and Lords of the Links Zhiyang and Lancerlord, I was taken in by this new blog gadget called ‘Talkr‘, which converts the text in your blog posts into speech. On my blog now you can see a little icon and a link to the mp3 speech file of each blog post on each blog post.

I’d like to hear Rockson’s blog converted, though.

Then later on, I saw this and thought, ‘hey, cool! Can buy!’ Then later on, thought, ‘wah lao, buy for who ah?’

Via Boing Boing: Purse made from keyboard keys:

Cory Doctorow:


These keyboard-key-covered purses are available in white and black. I’m not clear on where or how you get one, though.


(via Wonderland)

Update: Joreg wrote to the manufacturer and these bags aren’t in production (dammit).

Update 2: The manufacturer wrote to me and said, it is indeed in production (w00t).

Think she might fancy one?

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Plenty Nonsense from the podcast “naija jams” by Trybesmen.

Surf stop: because it’s better

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