TODAY: Singapore girl survives Rita

2809Vol024 MSeven days before her wedding, blogger caught in the Houston frenzy

Some bloggers find themselves in harm’s way; crazier ones put themselves there

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Stimulating simulation

Mr Miyagi will be out of reach this afternoon as he will be at camp attending a military briefing.

HeliOps training
SAF musical chairs: Budget heli-ops training – a coupla benches, pilule some masking tape and very imaginative soldiers from the 433rd Battalion

Meanwhile, patient enjoy:

Sian hor? Reservist?

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Podcast: Radio Ingterview about Ingterneck


No prizes for guessing what Xiaxue and myself are interviewed about on WKRZ. Broadcast weekdays this week (I think) at 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm and 10.30pm.

Here’s Part I of the interview:

I Say You Say With Shou Chen on 91.3FM WKRZ: Bloggers (Part 1) (3′ 09″, 3.6Mb)

Surf stop: 91.3FM WKRZ

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Dan Ryan’s and the final exit

I shoulda known when I saw the sign on the car park door:

Where do we go from here?
In case you went looking for another exit after this one.

Next to the Regent Hotel is that very old branch of that American chain of restaurants known as Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill, and that’s where me and two female companions decided to eat after a spot of shopping (buying cloats).

The only good thing about dining at one of these places is that you know what you’re gonna order because the menu hasn’t changed for twenty odd years. But the waiter who assigned himself to our table was still a little too quick to ask what we wanted. Roughly 0.0345 seconds had passed after we settled our backsides into our seats before he asked to take our order.

Then he came back about 0.0996 seconds after we had told him to please give us a minute, and asked to take our order again. Good thing this time we were ready and we had resolved to order the ribs. Because, y’know, you eat ribs at Dan Ryan’s?

When he was jotting down our orders, we noticed something strange. He was addressing only me and ignoring my female dinner companions.

“Can I repeat your order, sir?”, he said.

“How about some drinks with that, sir?”, he said again.

2.457 seconds later, he came by again and asked, “Would you like any drinks with your meal, sir?”

And 1.753 seconds after the rack of ribs landed on our table, he popped up and asked, “How’s the food sir everything alright?”

Less than an hour must have passed when we threw in the moist towelettes and asked for the bill. The bill was presented to ‘sir’, who passed it to his female friend who wanted to use her Citibank credit card. The processed bill came back and was re-presented to ‘sir’, who, by this time, was wracked with trying to stifle laughter, and meekly pointed at sir’s dining companion, at which point, sir’s assigned waiter went ‘oh’.

It was time for the final exit.

Img 1715
…come and enjoy an most authentic American brunch,

Img 1714
…and receive a free dessert when dine-in.

I dunno. Maybe they spik like that in the Singapore part of Chicago.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Born At The Right Time from the album “Anthology, Disk 2” by Paul Simon of which I have the original CD.

Surf stop: The High Levels

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Talkr & handbag

Talkr Logo

Thanks to local heroes and Lords of the Links Zhiyang and Lancerlord, I was taken in by this new blog gadget called ‘Talkr‘, which converts the text in your blog posts into speech. On my blog now you can see a little icon and a link to the mp3 speech file of each blog post on each blog post.

I’d like to hear Rockson’s blog converted, though.

Then later on, I saw this and thought, ‘hey, cool! Can buy!’ Then later on, thought, ‘wah lao, buy for who ah?’

Via Boing Boing: Purse made from keyboard keys:

Cory Doctorow:


These keyboard-key-covered purses are available in white and black. I’m not clear on where or how you get one, though.


(via Wonderland)

Update: Joreg wrote to the manufacturer and these bags aren’t in production (dammit).

Update 2: The manufacturer wrote to me and said, it is indeed in production (w00t).

Think she might fancy one?

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Plenty Nonsense from the podcast “naija jams” by Trybesmen.

Surf stop: because it’s better

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