Month: September 2005

  • TODAY: Singapore girl survives Rita

    Seven days before her wedding, blogger caught in the Houston frenzy Some bloggers find themselves in harm’s way; crazier ones put themselves there Read more at TODAYonline [text][pdf] Technorati Tags: blog, hurricanekatrina, Singapore, TODAY

  • Stimulating simulation

    Mr Miyagi will be out of reach this afternoon as he will be at camp attending a military briefing. SAF musical chairs: Budget heli-ops training – a coupla benches, pilule some masking tape and very imaginative soldiers from the 433rd Battalion Meanwhile, patient enjoy: Sian hor? Reservist? Technorati Tags: army, nationalservice, Singapore

  • Podcast: Radio Ingterview about Ingterneck

    No prizes for guessing what Xiaxue and myself are interviewed about on WKRZ. Broadcast weekdays this week (I think) at 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm and 10.30pm. Here’s Part I of the interview: I Say You Say With Shou Chen on 91.3FM WKRZ: Bloggers (Part 1) (3′ 09″, 3.6Mb) Surf stop: 91.3FM WKRZ Technorati Tags: blog, sedition,…

  • Dan Ryan’s and the final exit

    I shoulda known when I saw the sign on the car park door: In case you went looking for another exit after this one. Next to the Regent Hotel is that very old branch of that American chain of restaurants known as Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill, and that’s where me and two female companions decided…

  • Talkr & handbag

    Thanks to local heroes and Lords of the Links Zhiyang and Lancerlord, I was taken in by this new blog gadget called ‘Talkr‘, which converts the text in your blog posts into speech. On my blog now you can see a little icon and a link to the mp3 speech file of each blog post…