Laws of our land Part III(a): Matters sub-judice

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Lordy, this matter has consumed me. But before I go further, there’s one thing that I have to be mindful of when discussing the case.

Channelnews Asia called the other night to tell me that the names of the offending websites had been taken down from their news article. I said, ‘orh, ok, what’s that gotta do wif me?’

Then an ST reporter called to ask me some questions, and said that they had been informed by their management that some of the things they talked about in yesterday’s newspaper report shouldn’t have been talked about because they were subjudeese. I said, ‘har’? He said, ‘subjudeese, you know, when something is part of a court case, you cannot talk about it, in case the judge decides to throw the poor buggers in jail just because he’s been influenced?’

I say, ‘Orh. Yah, I knew that’.

So, folks, don’t talk about the things about the case that are sub judice, ok? Which things? I can’t tell you. Because they are sub judice.

Nabeh, you say! What kind of cockamamie explanation is that? Well, I say what is what, and you take it as is or else I’ll functus your officio and nudum your pactum!

(After the case is over, depending on the situation, we may not be able argue over the merits either, because by then, the matter may have been res judicata, but that’s another story).

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Lady Madonna from the album “Anthology 2 – Disc 2” by Beatles of which I have the original CD.

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2 responses to “Laws of our land Part III(a): Matters sub-judice”

  1. Beng Avatar

    Geez… how did you get into this mess?

  2. Beng Avatar

    Geez… how did you get into this mess?

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