Invisible Boy attends gymnastics classes

Invisible Man action figure

Although the work blog is up, I’m still reticent about blogging about work unless some anecdote comes up that I can’t ignore. Like on Friday when someone, presumably a parent who wants his/her child to attend one of our gymnastics classes, faxed in a blank application form.

While there was a way to contact the faxer – by return fax – it was nonetheless something that added to an already frazzly morning, and I told mrbrown that. And what did mrbrown say without skipping a beat?

“Wah, got Invisible Boy attend your class leh, better blog it on your new corporate blog!”

The ‘new corporate blog’ is WordPress powered, and was set up because I was sick of coding html when some bits of Dreamweaver wouldn’t work. As you’d know, updating a blog is easy peasy david campese. And while there are some who’d say, ‘big deal, so it’s still only a web page’, I’ve already reaped the benefits of making the website a blog – it gets tagged, cached and subscribed to.

Customers and competitors can now keep in constant contact with my business better than previously, including the parents of Invisible Boy.

iTunes is playing an illegal copy of Last Nite from the album “Is This It?” by The Strokes of which I have the original CD.

Surf stop: Indrani Soemardjan’s ‘Regulatory Signages Collection ‘ Flickr set

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