Bloggers, toilets and recycled water


There’ll be more said today about this. But at least, over at Channelnews Asia, the newscasts on the hour every hour last night were fun(ny) to watch.


First, I saw myself speak for 2 seconds. (With the news being repeat broadcast 4 times, that’s 8 whole seconds of air time!)


Then I saw the news about ‘Singapore looking to legislate toilet parity’.


Then I saw S. Ramesh drink Newater water to prove it ‘tasted just like water’.

It’s not all gloom and doom, folks. We’ve got other stuff to talk about that won’t get us in trouble. Like asking how come the scholar-bloggar who made racist remarks on his blog which became really well-known all those months ago didn’t face sedition charges.

Surf stop:
iTunes is playing an illegal copy of You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away from the album “Anthology 2 – Disc 1” by The Beatles of which I have the original CD.

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  1. Jonathan Poon Avatar

    it’s on slashdot too… interesting developments and hilarious comments on it too.


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