When salespeople take the window out of window shopping

This coffee, it is the sucks

Bad day, bad coffee, bad mood

When you don’t have much money, like me, you’d sometimes like to do a spot of window shopping, which I tried to do today.

It wasn’t a very good spot of window shopping, given the Sunday crowds and the rain which forced the Sunday crowds into the malls. Still, I managed a good coupla minutes looking at shop windows dressed to entice people to buy things.

But only a couple of minutes. Because every shop contained shop assistants who’d spy me looking at their shop windows and then creep up on me outside and say something to the effect of ‘Hi, would you like to take a look at some of our fine merchandise, like the one you’re eyeing, as we’re also having a special discount on these items’, only, this being Singapore, sounds more like, ‘Arh, we got terty pessand sales on slackted item, come inside and see more lah’.

My responses were to the effect of ‘Nabeh, scare me! Fuck off! Leemee lone!’, but me being the polite gentleman that I am, sounded more like, ‘Er, no tankew, just looking’.

Vale, Hunter S. Thompson (again)

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