Local heroes

A special kind of gymnastics meet: Bishan Sports Hall, 27 August 2005. (photo by mrbrown)

All of youse who came and helped out at last Saturday’s class, thank you and well done. I’m sure the parents of the special needs children are just as thankful, and you’ve seen for yourself the faces of the kids at the class. Innit grand?

There were 25 people who emailed, sms’d or simply turned up to help. I’ll be putting your names on a list of volunteers to call upon when help is needed.

But first, here’s an update on what we’re planning to do:

As you know, the 61 children who enjoyed last Saturday’s class did so because all of you helped to manage this session which was on the brink of complete chaos. It is not a conducive environment. Ideally, a class in that arena should have a maximum of twenty children, one head coach and two helpers.

We’re expecting more calls from more parents of special needs children, so if we were to continue running just the one session, we’d see about 100 kids or so in one class. We need five separate sessions. Five hours. Our company cannot afford to give five free hours.

We intend to work with the Singapore Sports Council for a solution. And I’ll keep you posted as to the outcome.

In the meantime, you’re all champions. Thanks again for helping.

Surf stop: mrbrown’s Flickr set of Above & Beyond’s Special Olympics Gymnastics class

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