Song to the moon

When I used to get all bogged down with dunnowhat, I’d drive to listen to the waves crash on the rocks, accompanied by Dvorak’s Song to the Moon, from the opera Rusalka.

But it’s a long way from Clovelly, and East Coast Park just doesn’t do quite the same thing, so what’s a feller to do but to go down Dunlop Street and spend a whole afternoon at Blu Jazz, where one finds that someone else also thinks the Song to the Moon rocks. Well, not quite, ‘cos Rusalka’s like, y’know, opera?

So, anyway, Blu Jazz rocks. Well, not quite, ‘cos Blu Jazz plays like, y’know, jazz?

But the food’s not bad, and so’s the coffee, and I’m thinking it’s a great place for to hang out at even if you don’t have grand company like I did today.

Cafe Blu Jazz
71 Dunlop Street. Good food, good music. BYO Chio babe.

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Song to the Moon {from Rusalka} {from Driving Miss Daisy} – Lesley Garrett – Diva, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.
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