WTF is an IR?

Gambling is so much a part of life here that it is ridiculous to see how much fuss has been made about building the two ‘Integrated Resorts’.

I’m game for a flutter once in a while too. So do my friends. We gamble on anything: the stockmarket, when to buy a car because of the COE prices, when not to put a parking coupon because we think the parking auntie is not rain-proof, any four-number combination that catches our eye (like the registration plates of an upside down car my friend saw at a road accident scene, which prompted him to buy 4D, but the winning number came out in reverse sequence, so he lost his money).

Once, we even caught an iguana, strung it up, and made it pick out 4D numbers from scraps of paper. (Also nair win, but we cooked the bugger and ate it).

When we were living in Sydney, my friends and I would go to Star City because the parking was the cheapest in town, go out and have dinner, then come back to the casino for a flutter, hoping to win back our parking fees. Then we’d go home. When we had a bit more time, we’d stay there longer, because if you gambled at the tables, they’d serve you free drinks and snacks like chicken wings and spring rolls. And when we had even more time, we’d drive the 10 hours to Melbourne’s Crown Casino, or the Gold Coast’s Jupiter’s or Canberra’s No-One-Comes-Here-Even-Though-It’s-Nearer-Than-Melbourne-or-Gold Coast Casino.

The point is, nothing will stop you gambling if you were so inclined. If you really needed a casino to gamble in, there’s Genting up north, which is, by all descriptions, an ‘Integrated Resort’, there’s Macau a couple of hours away, and there’s one in Manila as well. If there were an $100 entrance fee imposed, and if I were a gambler, I’d pay, go in, sit at the table and try to win back my $100 from the fuckers.

Singapore’s Last Resort Island (photo by Edgar320)

Surf stop: i trusted u with the idea of me n u lost it
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13 responses to “WTF is an IR?”

  1. NaiveGuy Avatar

    Awww no chio gal to punctuate your blog?

    Well with all means Mr miyagi……HUAT AH!!!!

  2. lancerlord Avatar

    I go around saying it’s Instigated Resort.

  3. Gabrielle Avatar

    why everyone keep talking about it? i see in the the news, paper.. everywhere! and now they are popping up in blogs too!!! AAAHHH die lah, they haven’t even started construction yet leh!

  4. Mandrake Avatar

    heh.. agree with you that the casino parking is cheap in Melbourne.. just stay 10 mins at the roulette table and its free parking..

  5. Bubblemunche Avatar

    You are spot on. $100 is no deterence for hard-core gamblers.

    – Ah Hock

  6. brandon Avatar

    i wish they’d hurry up and build it already. talk so much for what.

  7. Agagooga Avatar

    $100 to gamble in a lousy Singaporean casino? Pah *waves hands dismissively* If I were so inclined I’d rather go up north or on a cruise to nowhere. More fun some more.

  8. HUICHIEH LOY Avatar

    Trackback: From a Singapore Angle: Blogosphere reactions to the Casino/Integrated Resort decision 2005.

  9. jeffyen Avatar

    IR has always been associated with Infra Red (like Palm beaming), until now…

  10. CELLE Avatar

    Isnt it just pure Crapshit that we hv to pay and the angmohs/jap/indon/etc dunid?
    they think we so poor is it?
    got 100 bux to spare then can go in casino n waste more $$$ is it?

    self discrimination!! I object!
    onject! object!!!!

    We have everyright to spend our pennies the way we want to!

    i guess that includes spending it on the 100 bux entry..

    arghh.. bloody hell…

  11. CELLE Avatar

    illusional resort

  12. CELLE Avatar

    inpenetrable resort

    gabrielle: they started layin the cables before even announcing on da papers lorrr.. u think wad we say will matter meh??

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