Maybe I weighed in on the mature issues?

Nabeh, what does a blogger have to do to get noticed? How come Steven McDermott didn’t name this blog as one of the infanteow ones?

I did everything right! I have chiobu pictures, I have iTunes music, I have Surf Stops, I talked about Fiona Xie, I talked about the weather, I talked about blogging! How come still don’t have?

Come on, Steven! You cannot claim to be on to something when you don’t even recognise the infantilitlility of this blog! Look deeper and closer, Steve! Yes, buy an airticket, fly here. Immigration will let you through, don’t worry. I’ll buy you a kopi-o and a hum cheem pang for your trouble.

Infantile blogger
Some people are only ever concerned with being funny, food, stuffed toys and stylish accessories.

Surf stop: The Accidental Blowjob (this link should earn me some Singabloodypoints!)
iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Alamuhan – – , of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.
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13 responses to “Maybe I weighed in on the mature issues?”

  1. Shortphat K Avatar

    Owww…Mr Miyagi, your blog will always be infantoew by my books…kekek kick ass pic man!!!

  2. zhi yang Avatar

    infantilism to the maximum. great work.

  3. ivan Avatar

    singabloodypoints! can redeem what one?

  4. MysteryTanLines Avatar

    If you taught Hillary Swank to kick ass in Karate Kid 3, you’re not infantile in my book! Just more Yoda-san like. Hai!

  5. Sugarrush Avatar

    Wahahahahahahaha…. I love your pic, man!!!

  6. d8nnis Avatar

    Miyagi can cook!!

  7. Anthony Avatar

    Love the koala btw. Junior and Fluffy disapprove.

  8. Popagandhi Avatar

    How can you try to cook a Koala? Koalas are my best friends. My mother says they’re my long lost sisters separated at birth, because like me, they’re also sleeping at 3pm. And they’re also cute, like me too. 🙂

  9. Indiana Avatar

    Miyagi couldn’t find a stuffed platypus huh???

  10. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    My hand was forced. Kelly the Koala turned psychotic that day because their eucalyptus dish was spiked.

  11. MaKan GuRu Avatar

    Fried Koala, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………..

  12. Anthony Avatar


    You do know that eucalyptus leaf is a narcotic all by itself right?

  13. Kevin Avatar

    Of all the infantile photos I’ve seen so far, this one takes the cake… that’s why I blogged you!

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