Too good to pass up

The other day I was telling my friends and anyone else who would listen that I did not speak English till I was five, much less write. But look me now! I are blog in English!

So, don’t knock the little ones who are struggling a bit, because one fine day, they might very well turn out something like this. Something so good in its simplicity it makes you (ok, me) wonder how it is that you sometimes feel as if you’ve forgotten how to feel.

Night drive
…To a cold white line down the highway in my head

Surf stop: Viva La Elf
iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Solar Sex Panel – Little Village – Little Village, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.
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5 responses to “Too good to pass up”

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  2. Laughingcow Avatar

    Can’t help but wonder how this shot was taken. You… stopped in the middle of the road? :p

  3. Ketchupy Avatar

    Eh, MERCEDES leh… dun siao siao.

  4. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Tripod and timer.

  5. Killjoy Avatar

    Merc sial… nice shot. one attempt??

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