I’m too sexy for my blog: national coverage

This morning, Xiaxue told me that I had been called a ‘pervert’ on a national newspaper, and I knew the ‘sexyblogger’ gag had reached heights unprecendented for any Singaporean online stunt.

But there are some technical problems with flickr at the moment, and pictures tagged with ‘sexyblogger’ aren’t appearing properly. But donch worry, all is not lost. All is never lost with mr brown! If you’ve got a sexyblogger picture, go to mr brown’s and leave a comment with the link!

Sexyblogger’s triber as well as grober!

Surf stop: autarkic; embargo-ish
iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Tears At The Birthday Party – Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach – Painted From Memory, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

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7 responses to “I’m too sexy for my blog: national coverage”

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  2. The High Levels Avatar

    We have read and embraced Cowboy Caleb’s advice, specifically nos. 1, 6 & 7 so here goes:


  3. dErico Avatar

    nice blog, coolz. try this blog too at rock-your-boat.blogspot.com

  4. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Thankz, dericoz. Heyz, High Levelz Guyz, nowz, lookz whatz you’ve donez? Other peoplez are followingz your leadz and postingz adz for their blogz on my commentz sectionz!

  5. Topspin Thamby Avatar

    we arez howz sorriez!! :pz

  6. CELLE Avatar

    good day mr miyagi!
    I would like to participate in the nationwide sexy blogger brouhaha.

    posted them on flickr but din seem to appear..




  7. CELLE Avatar

    ah shoosh.. my sincere apologies.. neber read instructions properly..
    so.. post comment on mr brown yah? SOwrieeeeee… why cannot delete own comment one..!!

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