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Hope Concert
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The local glitterati do what they do best, by being themselves. And they’ve come together and recorded (in fact, they were still in the studio yesterday – the likes of Aaron Mat Stud Aziz et al) a CD of songs for to sell to you all.

The CD costs $20 and will be on sale this Saturday, 15th January 2005 at Plaza Singapura, where the same said glitterati will be there, performing the songs they recorded and hopefully some more.

This concert is hosted by Irene Ang, but don’t be put off by that, because she means well, and it was her company’s idea to put this together. And before you ask, yes, 100% of proceeds will go to the Singapore Red Cross. And before you ask any further, no, local celebrities without a slimming centre endorsement don’t make that much money.

My big fat and long grapevine tells me that local songstress (gawd I hate that word) Stefanie Sun was very eager to contribute to this CD but her record company has serious reservations about it, and at this moment, I’m not sure if she’s on the CD or not. The bastards.

So, whether they can sing or not, your very own local celebrities will grace the plaza at Plaza Singapura, and they include:

Allan Wu,
Nadya Hubbahubbagalung,
Melody Chen (nominative determinism, of course can sing lah!)
CCCRush (who? they win Talentime 2001 leh!),
Pug Jelly (I also dunno), and
Mediacorp Artistes (who lah? Mediacorp very big now leh, cheebye! Who wrote this damned copy?! My former colleagues? No wonder lah! Anyone who’s worked there before is fucked up, I tell yer!)

Go buy the CD, ask your friends to buy it. If it’s good, can rip and put in your iPod, if it’s bad, hey presto, drinks coaster. Red Cross still gets your $20, and some more help will get on their way to the victims of The Tsunami.

My brother’s business partners are sponsoring the event too, and my brother might be there snapping photos, so, if you’re there, ask him nicely and he might take a pic of you with your favourite celeb. But first you better buy the CD, else he won’t even bother.

Surf stop: Peking Duck
iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Stand By Me – Ry Cooder – Chicken Skin Music, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.
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7 thoughts on “Hope: Tsunami Relief Fundraising Project”

  1. how about chanteuse? it’s french and suitably romantic soundin but okay la, sun’s not exactly the nightclub variety

  2. how about chanteuse? it’s french and suitably romantic soundin but okay la, sun’s not exactly the nightclub variety

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