Ich Dien

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: The Ballad of John and Yoko – The Beatles – 1967-1970 Disc 2, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

Und ich liebe Dich, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I’m booking-in in a few hours and I haven’t finished packing. Can’t seem to find stuff. Oh well, SAF e-Mart does lotsa business off idiot NSmen like me. See youse all when I book-out. Meantime, sleep soundly. Our nation’s security is in good hands.

New hat
The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced that Parking Aunties/Uncles will now wear camouflaged uniforms & floppy hats so they can hide behind and in the bushes.

The last instalment of the fool and the slut

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Almost Like Being in Love – Natalie Cole – Unforgettable: With Love, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

Been so busy I’ve only just realised that my friend Steve hadn’t called and whined about his miserable existence this past week. He just called earlier. Something about being somewhere in Thailand, trying to get away from it all. Wish I could be there too, at this point.

I suppose Steve’s got better reason to want to get away than I do. But if I know Steve well enough, he’ll be back in a week, complaining that his Singtel bill is five pages long with charges for 1,000 international SMSs to the idiot girl he’s not quite seeing and from whom he’s trying hard to get away.

I’m not too sure why Steve’s the way he is, and I don’t really wish to know. But he should know damned well the girl he’s not quite seeing is just playing the field, stealing kisses when she can from as many Steves as she can find. The slut.

Steve? He just makes a dive for the pain that’s calling, and this girl he’s not quite seeing knows damned well every time she makes noises like an injured animal, he’ll be there. The fool.

He probably dances a little jig of joy every time she calls, no matter what time of day or what state of mind she appears to be in (although most times, she sounds in deep emotional distress, even when there’s club music in the background).

I don’t think I know anyone else who’s got such immense propensity towards self-inflicted troubles as Steve. Except mebbe myself, say, a year ago?

But you know what? I’m tired of airing Steve’s woes. The bugger should go start his own blog. You hear that, ya sad fuck? (That goes for you too, slut. Leave my friend Steve alone!)

Sushi Railroad
The queues outside Denki Sushi were never as long again after Jimmy’s index finger and thumb were severed by the conveyor belt and eaten by diners on the other side of the restaurant ($3.75, red plate).

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This is not news

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Ay Fond Kiss – Fairground Attraction – The Very Best of Fairground Attraction, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

I was talking to a friend from who’s back for holidays, and she thanked me for forwarding her the link to Pranay Gupte’s site, saying something to the effect of ‘I toldjers! They bugged my phone, serious! And Channel ‘News’ Asia is exactly like that!’

We went on to discuss whether it was office politics that brought Mr Gupte’s dismissal about, and why someone of his stature would need to stoop so low as to come by our journalistic backwater to write for a paper as ours, even if it were the best designed newspaper in the region. But we agreed that that still wouldn’t strip his allegations of any merit. The editors are former (or still are) spooks who can his stories? How exciting.

But whether or not spooks run a paper and can stories written by award-winning, foreign-talent journalists, there’s never such a thing as an objective piece of news. You’ll never know the truth of any matter unless you wuz there and you saw and heard things as they happened. It happens to the most ‘liberal’ of countries too (including that big one with the red states and blue states), but at least they have a variety of publications to look at and work out the truth somewhere in the middle of the muddle.

As for us, we have to look elsewhere to find out, ferinstance, that there is currently a very serious dengue EPIDEMIC in Singapore. As of 18th September, 5,284 people have been infected, and at least three people have died. Not as serious as SARS meh? How come not on front page news every day?

Even if we’re not interested in politics and stuff, I’d like to know more about the goings on as regards how the folk up at Parliament=Cabinet=Government decide to do what they do. (And then smack them upside the head when they complain of the lack of interest in US-Singapore FTA negotiations. Hallo? We din know there was such a thing until it was almost done. Website forum also dun have! How to be interested?) Then again, BG George Yeo did reveal in an interview some time ago (and which cannot be linked because ST=SPH=Temasek websites don’t archive things for online viewing) how he had sleepless nights and early mornings at the doomed Cancun trade talks.

(But still nobody asked or wrote about why BG Yeo, friendly chap that he is, and the Minister for Trade and Industry as he was then, got sent to Cancun while Prof Tommy Koh, Ambassador at Large, got to do all the exciting FTA work.)

Liang Seah Street
Don’t go out. Got Dengue.

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Less is less and more is more

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? – Harry Connick Jr. – When My Heart Finds Christmas, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

More of the same yesterday and early this morning, but throw in mild food poisoning to boot. Thank goodness for Lomotil.

Among the many people I had to meet up with, bump into and glance at was this be-tudunged Malay woman working behind the reception counter at my office building who managed to create a hands-free kit for her mobile phone by jamming the phone between her left ear and her tudung, leaving her hands free to operate the cash register.


Wouldn’t have it any other way

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Kodachrome – Paul Simon – The Paul Simon Anthology, Disc 1, of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

It’s gonna be a hard slog this week at work, and already I’m nursing a headache from not getting enough sleep over the weekend. Not good.

Not good at all.

Toilet wall
Sign/Graffiti on toilet wall at Food Street (KENG) Fish Head Steamboat Eating House, Balestier Road

Surf stop: PranayGupte.Com (link lifted from Mr Brown)