Vartever it is, it’s werry good

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing a copy of: Even Better Than The Real Thing – U2 – The Best & The B-Sides Of 1990-2000 (Disc 1: The Best Of), of which I have the original CD and therefore didn’t steal music.

One of the things Diana Ser asked me which didn’t make the final cut of the Get Rea! interview was ‘where do you get your cues or topics to blog about?’, and I answered, ‘dunno, reading and watching the news’. She then pounced with a well anticipated ‘Ah hah! So! The new media still has to take its cues from traditional media!’

Yeah vartever!

But I do read and watch the news, trawl blogs, site counters and search engines, and on occasion, google my own blog for interesting references that turn up once a while (but only on occasion, because there’s only so much you want to know about Pat Morita). And this morning was no different.

From this blog, I read with much mirth the opening paragraph to this one entry from another:

…blame third world education for my terrible english (it seems like an idea for a bad sitcom: let’s throw in a bunch of brown kids, and have a brown teacher who has learnt english from ANOTHER brown teacher, teach all these li’l brownies some english. i mean really, it’s like a gora trying to teach another gora some urdu. do you know that we were never taught how to pronounce V or W? it was always wan and wery and vhere and VHAT?! i just got it right a couple of years back but i still trip over wanessa villiams – bitch came up with a name like that just to make life difficult for us brownies).

Hee hee! Let’s go to Welwet! Let’s drive a Wolwo!

In other news, Karen Cheng is preggers with baby #2! Congratulations! If ever you move to Singapore, free lessons for your kids!

Orange Mocha Frappucino?

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