Uncomfortably numb

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing: Today, Tomorrow, Forever – Patsy Cline – Through the Eyes of Patsy Cline – An Anthology Disc One

I’m also feeling like this and this. How ah?

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5 responses to “Uncomfortably numb”

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  2. Little Miss Drinkalot Avatar

    I race you. See who gets out of the rut faster. I’ve been training at the track. You leh?

  3. cour marly Avatar

    You owe me five bucks, buddy. Cash only, and I don’t accept coins!

  4. Cowboy Caleb Avatar

    whats with the coins, dude?

  5. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    I have a ‘Ship’ series $5 note for you. I was gonna say ‘with your name on it’, but obviously it’s Hon Sui Sen’s.

    I have many coins because I didn’t have a coin pouch until I got my Furla pouch, and up until then I used to empty my pockets of coins and dump them in my work bag, until there was like almost $20 worth of coins. Comes in handy for Bee Hoon lunches.

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