They’re gonna need subtitles because I mumble

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You cannot anyhowly shoot an interview at Suntec City. You have to ask the management for permission, and then they will say no. Because cannot.

So, the producer, host and crew of Get Rea! have to settle for filming inside Cafe Cartel at Suntec, because the producer knows the owner and there’s wireless internet access there for me to pretend to blog.

Diana Ser and the crew look hassled, as they’ve had to rush from another shoot, and want to make this one a quick and painless one. I assure them I’d make it a quick and painless one because I have nothing much to say.

Diana buys me an iced tea, they set up the shoot inside the cafe and we’re off on the first question: So why did you decide to blog?

Mr Miyagi then suffers the worst case of verbal diarrhea known to humankind. Terminal Verbal Diarrhea. Can talk everyone and himself to death one. Worse still, Mr Miyagi make no sense.

Same goes for the other questions.

Then Diana suddenly motions to the camera guy to cut. And I am then told to stop talking about Mr Brown as if I have a crush on him. I say it’s because Mr Brown is an institution, man, doncha know? And they tell me, yeah, well, that’s nice and all, but we couldn’t get him on the show, so don’t talk about him so much.

Then the rest of the interview went something like this:

Have you ever had to self-censor or edit your posts for fear of offending people?

I contemplated editing posts about Channel Newsasia and Diana Ser speaking funny on tv, but didn’t.

OK, you better show me what you wrote.

The other bloggers we interviewed weren’t like their blogs. They were very diplomatic and even shy.

What are you trying to say?

Nice quiet place for a tv interview. Try it sometime.

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9 thoughts on “They’re gonna need subtitles because I mumble”

  1. SEt!! Miyagi. I have set a reminder in my hp to remind me to watch CNA to see you get interviewed. I wana see if your persona on tv is the same as the persona on your blog hehehehheheheheh

  2. it always happens… you want to be intelligent and then bleah, it all spills out, guts and all…

    like sitting in a board meeting and wanting to look serious and capable only to elucidate with senseless abundance and look back on it and cringe.


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