Nutted by reality

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing: Nutted by Reality – Nick Lowe – Jesus of Cool

I am still tired and disoriented because I threw my back out today at work. It feels a little better now, but when it first happened, the shocking pain brought tears to my eyes, I swear.

I was tired yesterday too. And when the wife called me to the front gate to see something she wanted to show me, I went, got into the car and sat in the passenger’s seat and asked, ‘What?’, and didn’t realise for a full minute it was a new car. She bought a new car.

Five more days before I’m on the plane to Hong Kong, so I suppose I should start packing. But my room’s a disaster at the moment, because lately I’ve let things slide. But as someone tells me every so often, ‘tomorrow is another day’.

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3 responses to “Nutted by reality”

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  2. FF Avatar

    Go for massage. And cut down on the triple backflips.

  3. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    I’m down to only one side-on cartwheel a day.

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