Hupp, hupp, and (h)away

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing: Song to the Moon {from Rusalka} {from Driving Miss Daisy} – Lesley Garrett – Diva

I have a friend whose sister plays the Hupp, she says. She will be performing in a solo concert called ‘A Harp Affair‘. The concert will showcase her immense talent with the instrument, and showcases evergreen favourites such as ‘Claire de Lune’, which you might hear in elevators around the world, and in some cafes.

While I cannot say I like listening to the Hupp, I find myself impressed by my friend’s sister. She seems the quintessential high achiever, and won the University Medal at UNSW in Architecture before she embarked on her music studies in the U.S. And as with a lot of talented people residing in Singapore, she is not Singaporean. This Seremban girl lives here to take full advantage of the government’s throwing of much money into what they call the Arts. Singapore is her Hupp Hub.

There are very few pieces which feature the harp and which I like. Like ‘Song to the Moon’ (listen here). Unfortunately my friend’s sister doesn’t play them.

So, if you are inclined towards chamber music (chamber, therefore can be played in elevator), go watch her and perhaps be as impressed as I was when I watched her.

If not, my best friend’s show opens next week. Go get your tickets, because apparently the show’ll sell out real fast, or so he’s told me to tell youse. There’s him playing the piano and singing on the show too. But he won’t be playing the Hupp or singing ‘Song to the Moon’. (Thank goodness).

See? So many things to see, hear and do. Why stay home and read other people’s blogs and then blog about them?

But if you really, really want to do that, you could do worse than to read this post and its comments. I say. What resolve. What determination. What don’t-care-if-people-think-I-am-gormless-ness. Compelling stuff. So, don’t let people you blog about make you doubt what you blog when you blog. Tell people to sod off.

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10 responses to “Hupp, hupp, and (h)away”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I want to watch your best friend’s show, but I’m quite broke currently. =/


  2. Cowboy Caleb Avatar

    after what you said, I confirm I do not want to go see her play her hupp

  3. twinklinggem Avatar

    Wah. Solo concert somemore

  4. faith-t Avatar

    hupp not my style leh…

    i prefer gee-ta … like mat rocker!

  5. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Sorry, Evie, can’t get compli for this show. The investors are pretty strict.

    Yah, wah, solo hupp leh. Why dowan to watch? She’s quite cute too, in that cross-eyed sorta way.

  6. powerpuff Avatar

    basket… kenna suaned…

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    sensei, are you watching then? I might be going now..just need to grab the right person to go.


  8. powerpuff Avatar

    Cross-eyed? 😐

    maybe only when she’s concentrating on playing the harp only lah…..

  9. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Get group discounts to his show if you have four people or something.

  10. powerpuff Avatar

    Actually me and my ex HR manager appreciate Hossan’s talent. I’m gonna ask her if she wana join me for this one. 😀

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