Saturday night at the movies

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing: Goldberg Variation (aria) – Alexis Wesseinberg – A chance of sunshine

Hana and Alice (Hana to Arisu ~ 花とアリス) is one good movie. I like this style of storytelling.

It was so good I didn’t even mind jostling with the hundreds of youngpeoplenowsaday milling around the floors of Orchard Cineleisure. What I’d like to know is, where they get so much money to eat so much KFC, Yoshinoya, Rocky Master dunnowhat and dunnowhat else. Not cheap, you know?

Was still glad I went out. Needed it badly. Wouldn’t have gone out if not for E coming over and busying herself in my room while I napped the nap of the living dead. The week is really taking it’s toll, and I’m not looking forward to work in the morning. Yes, Sunday morning. I wish I had relaxed a little more earlier in the week and maybe grabbed my friend MJ’s offer to go schmooze with the glitterati. But you know, somehow, I think that’d be more tiring than relaxing.

The crack of dawn

Oh Lordy me, my feet are so tired

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