Not to be

iTunes’ party shuffle is playing: She’s Not For You – Willie Nelson – Across The Borderline

The wife arranged for tickets for Private Parts to be picked up at 7.45pm. We left for the Esplanade with time to spare. But.

But tonight was the first big event in the month long National Day celebrations. The roads were chockers with people who like to watch fireworks because they think fireworks are roolly cool to watch. All carparks in the vicinity and beyond were full. Illegal parking wasn’t even to be had. There was no chance I could park the tank anywhere within a half hour’s walk. Thinking quickly, I aimed for hotels with valet parking services or expensive carparks with fewer cars. Then I realised I’d left my wallet at home and there was only like $2.40 in my on-board cashcard. I missed the play. Big deal. Only $65 and some petrol wasted.

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