Warming the cockles of the heart

iTunes is playing: Warm Your Heart – Aaron Neville – Warm Your Heart

Because I stayed out late, I had to come home, shake off the beer buzz and work till now.

ST didn’t want Jap, so we didn’t do Jap, but we did Bak Kut Teh instead. She also went to the little oasis in the city to be pampered for a while by LMD’s capable staff before that, cos I took her there, since we had to pick up some clothes she had sent to the alterator in town.

It was a good evening, and in keeping with custom, it will be a while before I see ST again.

I rushed home to wash off work grime and rushed out again to meet someone else for drinks, because she said she’d buy me drinks, seeing as it’s my birthday soon, and seeing as she thought she was gunna be telling me all sorts of stuff about how her life is twisting itself inside out back to front and again twice. Fair deal, I thought.

It turned out to be a fairer deal, as we had drinks, the waterfront, and a sea breeze cool enough not to make you sweat any. Though she told me everything, it wasn’t half bad. I had a good time listening to her. Always good when the talker is easy on the eyes.

We must have spent hours by the waterfront, I’m not sure. ‘Cos I didn’t check what time I got there. But there was a garishly lit Karaoke Junk Boat plying the waterfront, back and forth, blaring karaoke tunes and howling karaokers. They got the idea right. Put the karaokers on a boat. But as I was telling Talker Girl, they should sail out further, preferably into international waters, where no one but the sea urchins and mermaids can hear them.

Nights like these are good. There’s the pretty Talker Girl before me, the sea beside me, the breeze around me, and beer slowly inside me.

If it could get better than this, I’d be a very happy man.

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8 responses to “Warming the cockles of the heart”

  1. Cowboy Caleb Avatar

    Hullllooooo big boy!

    How art thou?!

    Elated? Exuberated? Esctatic?

  2. Little Miss Drinkalot Avatar

    Mr Miyagi sounds contented. A contented cat.

  3. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    No man, I am tired. Worked this morning. More work this arvo.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    you’re surrounded by beautiful ladies. somehow i have this impression that you’re a father already..o.O

  5. Woof! Avatar

    heh! that’s just abt the same damned thing I did last night!

  6. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    I am a father? Not that I know of at this moment.

  7. Lost In Transition Avatar

    Wow Mr Miyagi a father…does it by any chance have anything to do with the Karate Kid perhaps?

  8. Mr Miyagi Avatar

    Probably all to do with the Karate Kid. Daniel-san’s all grown up now with a family of his own though. Ali-chan (Elizabeth Shue) hasn’t been seen around the house lately either, and Kumiko-chan’s (Tamlyn Tomita) still doing bit parts on the telly and doesn’t look like settling down. Sigh. I worry for her. I think she’s lesbian.

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