The push and pull of coming and going

iTunes is playing: I Miss You – Randy Newman – Bad Love

I was thinking about how people come and go, but I couldn’t write anything better than this. I like it when non-English speakers express themselves in unique turns of phrases. It’s not Chinglish. It’s not bad English. It’s just English used in a different way. It is refreshing. I’m a big fan of Hailey’s, and I recommend her blog to y’all.

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying birthday presents I’ve been getting. Get Fuzzy’s a great read and a thoughtful gift. Thank you.

Even better when it's about rugby

I’ve also received just now, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories, a magnetic poetry set (shakespeare edition), and a lovely birthday card that almost moved me to tears while I was reading it at a traffic junction (I didn’t cry only cos the lights turned green). I am such an emotional wreck. And I am very, very humbled. Thank you.

Without even opening it, I can make out “I / have / nothing / through / melancholy” from the little magnets in the transparent box. OK lor.

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