Me Da and the Olympics

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In another age altogether, my father scored a temp job at the Melbourne Olympics as a general clerk/intern assisting the accounts department. The Games then were a small affair, unlike the massive logistical behemoth it is now. It would’ve been remarkable enough to be able to tell your kids and grandkids that you once worked at the XVIth Olympiad, but Pa being Pa, had to inadvertently go one further.

There was this boxer from the Japanese team. There was no translator. So they picked the nearest Japanese-looking person to help. No matter that Pa’s knowledge of Japanese was confined to mostly pidgin from the Occupation a little over a decade earlier.

The boxer mentioned something about ‘cutting’ something, and kept gesticulating with his hands, pointing at his waist. He sounded desperate too. Pa put the bits of Japanese words he understood and two and two together and informed Games officials that the boxer had an abdominal problem that needed to be fixed.

They sent the boxer, this time screaming and yelling, to the hospital for immediate medical attention, fearing appendicitis.

A few hours later, the angry Japanese boxer came back to the arena, with real translators, and it seems, all he wanted to tell officials was that he needed to get a skipping rope to cut his excess weight down to that stipulated by his weight division in his event. Pa was sent to the back rooms to be buried under accounting sheets.

My father’s life is full of remarkable stories. Murky, remarkable stories. Some day we’ll put together this mosaic of Japanese soldiers, of roasting coffee beans, of selling beans at the market, of sea voyages, of bullock carts, of chinese triads, and of how he came to be blind in one eye.

Pa waiting for us to quickly finish lunch today.

I are an Armoured Reconnaisance Trooper, September 1989. That is not a smile on Pa’s face. That is a smirk. The smirk is saying, “you call this hardship? you ain’t been through half of what I have”.

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