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Kiwis take the mickey out of the Poms

Rugby aside, it’s been a slow news day. Media outlet (yes, singular) here focused on our northern neighbour’s head in the hazy sand mentality, which is by now, getting quite boring. Wait a coupla days, and that northern neighbour will turn prickly and respond, focusing on our nation’s pro-superpower stance.

At least this weekend, there’ll be a *celebrity wedding*!!! Woopee Doo!!! (Or as some say, “Woot!”) My classmate James “two years in Arizona so I speak like an alien” Lye is finally marrying Diana “Get-Rear!” Ser. I am not invited to the wedding and I am so bitter about it. Just as well. I have no money for to give in ang pow.

Elsewhere, the bizarre diet of the Cantonese continues to disgust and amaze. This one visitor has switched from one end of the chicken to the other (of a duck). Apparently, the weirdos who live there don’t eat the rest of the bird because it’s used to decorate restaurant windows or something.

Cantonese high art

Over here in cyberspace, I was asked if “A few sandwiches short of a picnic” meant anything other than a very thinly veiled insult. I can’t think of any nice meanings to that. But I did think of a reasonable quid pro quo: “How dare you sir! You, sir, are a few starlets short of a slimming centre!”.

God Damn. Too late for a movie. I thought it was Friday today. Man! Ji Hyun’ll have to wait. Mianhae, chagiya!

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