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This Audioblogger’s pretty useful when you’re in the shower with your mobile phone, or the driving’s getting boring or you want to showcase your road rage, or simply can’t be bothered to type. You’d think there’d be limited possibilities given that you’re not likely (or at least I’m not likely) to be far from a connected computer terminal / PDA / GPRS / hotspot, but when you’re bored, you’re bored, and very likely to muck around like I do. Hell, I was so bored just now, I went to the 7-11 to get a HWM magazine (porn for not-so-techies) and some munchies even though I was sleepy and not very hungry.

Only drawback (for now) is that it’s a U.S. number you have to call to record your blog, but I reckon there are enough Blogger bloggers here for them to set up a local one soon. Oh ya, and it’s free apart from long distance charges. Speaking of which, if you’re in Singapore, you might wanna check out Phoenix Comms for cheap IDD rates. 5 cents a minute to the US!

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