We once were you and me

Listening to: Positively 4th Street – Bob Dylan – Masterpieces (2)

It’s not that I am not over you. I have been healthily over you for some years now. But you’re getting married. I wish you well and all that. Your well-being is no longer in my realm.

I once loved you. That love lasted forever.

Forever came and went in five years, and I spent a little while trying to trace where I left from. Then I forgot. Then you called me one night and told me you were getting married, and for the first time in some years, I looked back and I saw where I came from.

You once loved me. Your love lasted forever.

The push and pull has not stopped. But it doesn’t jolt me, it lulls. We might have been you and me once.

And what wounds time heals, what kisses time also conceals.

~also posted on Twice-Poisoned Dog

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