Pay it all over the place

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Channel NewsAsia : One Deed, One Lifetime: “It can be something as concrete as giving a liver “.

Are they not over the liver thing yet? And how is something ‘as concrete’ as giving a liver?

Again I was unfortunate enough (or silly enough) to have left the telly on all day on CNA, where they periodically screen the promo for this community project, and feature CNA personalities such as Diana Ser telling you how, once, a long time ago, some uncle gave her pocket money to buy a bus concession pass to go to school, and how, because of that, she is now inspired by that uncle and obligated by her employers to ‘pay it forward’.

“Once, my boyfriend gave me half his liver because he couldn’t finish it, and I really needed it, so today, I want to give someone some part of me that I don’t use. Anyone has any need for a brain? Because I don’t!” – an ‘artiste’. (speaking of which, why is Singapore the only place that uses the term ‘artiste’?)

“Once, an old man I didn’t know from fuck gave me fifty cents to buy an ice-cream sandwich because I kept staring at the uncle selling ice-cream sandwiches outside the Heeren. Now, whenever I can, I stand outside the Heeren throwing coins at passers-by, and I know they’re happy because they give me little stickers in return”.

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3 responses to “Pay it all over the place”

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  2. Kevin Avatar

    artiste, coz sg has no real stars

  3. Kevin Avatar

    artiste, coz sg has no real stars

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