Muthu’s Fish Head Curry of Death

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Ate to death again earlier this evening.

We started the evening (late arvo) watching the rugby: RJC vs CJC and Millenia Institute (I shit you not) vs TJC. Both matches were at Farrer Park. Both matches were disappointing because of the mismatched abilities of the teams that played. RJC racked up cricket scores against CJC, while Millenia Institute walloped TJC (I shit you not once more). But this served to galvanise our intentions of playing again despite our advancing years and receding hairlines. We want to coach too. We want to pick a school and make them play good. Check back on this here blog to see if this idea, like all others, dies a natural death.

Basin of fish head curry
There was only one thing to do after the games. Eat. Follow the smell of curry carried by the hot wind, mixed with the evening traffic’s exhaust fumes.

And so we retreated to Muthu’s Curry Restaurant on Race Course Road, and ordered just enough to eat ourselves to death. The highlight dish was obviously the fish head curry, which came in a basin large enough to wash your hands in, two at a time.

It was tricky trying to make sure the curries didn’t flow off the banana leaf mats we used for plates, even if the edges curved upwards to prevent most of it from overflowing onto the table and onto our laps. Cool stuff, hot curry.

There was one error in judgement (besides ordering so much), and that was having Tiger beer with fish head curry. Doesn’t go (besides the other go, later, at home).

So now you know. Don’t have Tiger beer with fish head curry.

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