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There are blessings to count. S coming back from Sydney has been a godsend.

Today, after work, we met at our local, as per normal every Friday and Saturday for the past two months now, and we had our compulsory Hoegaarden half a litre.

Then we headed off SHOPPING! S needed new clothes for his string of job interviews. He had his mum buy him a Hugo Boss suit earlier in the week for his first interview, and he called us the day of his interview to ask how to tie a tie.

Today, on H’s recommendation, we headed to Raoul’s, where the shirts are damn nice lor.

It is not often guys shop together for clothes (!), but we three kings of orient went and did it with much glee. Me and H picked out shirts for S to try, and we were, as usual, poking fun at everything in the shop, much to the consternation of the nervous sales staff. I don’t think they’ve encountered giggly straight men either.

After he had made his purchases, S said, “You know, I like shopping with you guys ‘cos it’s the closest thing to shopping with women”.

There was a very pregnant pause.

Then we headed off to dinner at a Japanese restaurant where me and H and his girlfriend tried to persuade S to try the Katsu-Don because “Japanese pork is halal”. (We had earlier tried to trick him into trying a pair of pig-skin lined Raoul shoes).

We ate, we drank, we giggled some more, then we went home.

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