Hwyl brain cells, hwyl

After suffering terminal boredom for most of the night, looking through my extensive MP3 collection and sending some songs to a similarly nocturnal net addict, I developed breakfast cravings. Dim sum. Yum Cha.

Somehow, with backside stuck firmly to antique chair, instead of going to the kitchen, I googled siew mai, Shw Mae, and xiumai.

Shw Mae (pronounced xiumai) is an informal greeting in Welsh!

I now have a new pet foreign language. Hopefully I’ll learn the rudimentary phrases better than when I attempted Korean and abandoned it after I realised I couldn’t fool everyone by ending every sentence with imnida or hamnida.

I’ll probably end up greeting my half-welsh cousins with ‘Har Gow’ instead of Shw Mae. But being half-chinese, they’d probably understand anyway.

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