Hokkien Mee Sunday

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Lunch wasn’t all that bad this afternoon, although my brother and I were in danger of being ear-blasted off the table because we had both missed church. Thankfully, bro-in-law and sister decided it was a good day to fetch mother to and from church, so we were saved. They also arranged for Mothers’ Day lunch at Beng Hiang Hokkien Restaurant on Amoy Street.

They ordered the usual Hokkien staples – fish maw soup, hokkien mee (real one, the black type), sea cucumber with braised duck, steamed pomfret, and a partridge in a pear tree. This was finished off with a bowl of free fruit cocktail (pieces of cut fruit and ice cubes in sugar water).

We were (I still am) quite full, so there was no post-lunch Sunday shopping, and besides, it was way too hot today. Walking from and to the car parked a block away was an arduous trudge. And so, I have nap time, which I will utilise soon.

Not everyday is a Sunday, so I hijacked the family Sunday Times with a view to enjoying my favourite funny strips. They persist in featuring local and seriously unfunny comic strips which I always read first just so I get worked up enough to really appreciate the other non-pretender ones like Foxtrot, Bizarro, Baby Blues, leaving the very last strip (yes, I read them in a particular order) read to Get Fuzzy.

OK, nap time.

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