Bringing the family

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A few weeks ago, we were sitting at the dining table having dinner. All was usual. Mum was griping about everything. Sis was complaining about something at work. Brother-in-law was asking me some inane question in an effort to drum up conversation with me. Brother was silent. And little Josh was trying to get everyone’s attention.

We dished the food onto our plates of rice as per normal.

Then it was Dad’s turn to scoop some stuff onto his plate. I stopped the spinning lazy susan to help him. And that’s when I saw it.

He picked up the serving spoon in the most laboured manner, his right hand trembling quite significantly. Parkinson’s. My first thought flashed. Then I was mesmerised. I looked at him eating for the rest of dinner.

He did complain to me about having the shakes. He usually doesn’t complain much unless he’s afraid. But I think he was aware that I was aware and observing him.

I met him in his office yesterday for a business chat, and he was shaking so much that I lost my train of thought. He was aware of it, and hid his hands behind his back.

Last night, Mum told me she got a number for a neurologist, and asked me to make an appointment for Dad.

At dinner tonight, I asked him when I could make an appointment, and he was quite annoyed. “I have so many medical appointments. I go to my cardiologist first and do all my tests first”.

“They have medicines that can control the shaking you know?”, was my counter. He kept quiet and tried to dish some more food on his plate, and gave up after one try.

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