Winging it

Saturday was a blast. (I only ever recall things at least a few hours after it’s happened) Me and the boys went to the gym, then went to Ice Cold Beer for a quiet beer or ten (hopefully). We did ourselves in with three beers and two dozen chicken wings. Much mirth for Easter Saturday.

Untold Scandal
Thursday night I went to the movies with E. After she promised not to pick a fight. She was happy as larry because she got promoted this week to “Visiting Fellow” at university. It is an appropriate title. She’s hardly at her office. The movie, a Korean adaptation of Les Liaison Dangereuses, was infinitely more watchable than the last Korean movie we watched, which, of course, was spoilt by the ruckus E caused more than the thin plot, which involved much nudity and not much else. Then again, I like Korean movies. I like Korean movies with pretty Korean chicks. Even better if they’re nude.

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