That’s when the earth’s tectonic plates slide under the crust in a sort of large scale recycling, and which is why the sea doesn’t get saltier. Or something. I read this in Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything. I am most likely wrong. I’m just hazarding a guess where my brain cells, in particular, those that are responsible for memory, logic and generally getting a grip on reality, went.

I can’t remember most of what I’ve read from that book, though I’m thoroughly enjoying it each time I pick it up. I suppose that means I could re-read it from time to time and still enjoy it. Good thing I bought the hardcover.

The blunders I’ve made at work this month are kicking me in the arse everyday, and it would’ve been worse if not for the fact I have business partners with a semblance of a sense of humour. I’m still waiting for the day they give up and say ‘what the fuck is wrong with you?!’, though.

Tomorrow (or rather, this) morning, the electrician comes to my house to replace the power switch board that has served our household for the last 22 years, but has recently had more outages than a Malaysian state. There’ll be no power for the whole day, he reckons. No power. No aircon. No television. No fridge. No internet. How like that?

The power better come back on by the time I’m home. Else I might have to go out all of Saturday night! Catch a movie or something. Wouldn’t that be radical?

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