Not bad for a Monday

It’s Monday, but I think I had a good day at the office, followed by a good hour and a half at the gym, followed by a good dinner cooked by, of all people, my mother.
She had been having a bad run with cabin fever setting in good and fast, but bless her heart, she managed to put some of that restless energy to good use, with the help of Jamie Oliver’s cookbook, and we had the best dinner at home for the longest time.
It would be closer to the perfect Monday if I could find my nail clippers. My fingernails are long enough to annoy me at this point. You know how it is when you suddenly become aware of some part of yourself, and it bothers you no end?
Like when you’re about to fall asleep, and you suddenly and inexplicably realise you have a tongue?
Gotta find them clippers.

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