Beckham’s Singapore Fling: My friend scored but not sure if anyone else did…

A friend of mine attended that party that Sarah Marbeck claimed was where she hooked Becks.

I remember that party too, mostly because I wasn’t invited (I quit my job at the actors’ agency a few months earlier. Even if I didn’t quit, I wouldn’t have been invited, whether I look like Rob Schneider or not).

My friend doesn’t remember her and doesn’t recall any of the Man U players fraternising with any of the local celebs. The players were polite but uninterested, says my friend.

The other people who were invited were local football stars from the 70s such as Quah Kim Song and his brother Kim Tiong (although I’m not sure if Dollah Kassim or Samad Allapitchay were there – the party would have looked like the set of an Austin Powers movie if they were).

Local media outlets have been in a frenzy interviewing people who attended the party. They managed to interview two local telly ‘personalities’, who, being Singaporean, said nothing by saying a lot – oh the party was good, the players were friendly polite and gentlemanly, and it wasn’t an adult party at all, there were churren….

These two local personalities happen to be very well known on the party circuit for doing things (and I mean rooooolly nasty things – I caught them in flagrante once).

I did meet an model slash actress acquaintance of mine before she went to the party, and she cupped her ample but not very clad breasts and said ‘these puppies are gonna go make some friends’.

My friend, although excited about going to meet the players even though he didn’t know any of the other players apart from Becks, settled for one of the local football ex-stars, making off and making out in his (the ex-star’s) car before coming back to the party.

So I says to him, wah lau, you damn loser, can? Man U party and you dapat one of the Young Lions instead?

He says, what to do? none of the Man U boys seem gay, not even Beckham.

And I don’t think them puppies made any friends that night, I reckon.

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