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I came home from beer (again) and promptly fell asleep in front of the telly, which was on CNA (Channur News Ashia), which was on repeat mode cos being CNA, they don’t do ‘live’ feeds from disaster sites.

Big mistake. I got increasingly irritated in my sleep as I kept hearing the awful, awful voices of Diana Sur, Haseenah Koyakutty and Glenda Chong.

Diana has what I call the ‘rolling hills syndrome’ of speaking. She’s afflicted by the tendency to over-compensate for her Chinese As A First Language manner of speech. Very sad.

Haseenah sppeeeaaaks ssssoooo ssssslowwwwly sssshee baaarrrreely saayyyyys thrrrreeee worrrrdsss innnn onnnne minnnnnutte.

Glenda over enunciates. It’s alright to want to speak clearly, but not to the point where your lips look like they’re gonna flap over your cheeks.

I also have to remind myself not to tune in to CNA in the arvos, cos that’s when my favourite newscaster with the porn star name comes on. And she is awful! Pauses in the wrong places so often I’m surprised she doesn’t cock up with the teleprompter by reading ‘the accused was charged with Man’s Laughter’.

Enough CNA bashing. CNN has a newscaster called Christie Lou Stout (very pretty, not stout at all) who jerks her head when she wishes to emphasize something. Cool trick, that.

Anyway, I was irritated enough to wake up, get out of bed, feel hungry, and drive out to Adam Road to buy mee goreng, come back, eat, and write this here blog.

There are a million things to do workwise, and with them a million attendant things to worry about. But there are also a million different ways to kiss the ground, and maybe blogging is one of them.

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