Free money

Free Money
I received a letter from CPF Board telling me about my allotment of ERS (Economic Restructuring Shares) and NSS (New Singapore Shares), both initiatives of the government to help the lower income group tide over the economic downturn.

At first I chucked it aside without reading it properly, thinking the money would stay in my CPF account until I’m 65 or something. But nooo…

E called to tell me she logged on and exchanged the shares for cash and got $1000 that would be credited on New Year’s Day.

So I logged on and instructed the board to credit me for $700 ($500 ERS, $200 NSS: less than E because my house bigger and therefore I’m richer than her).

And so, with ang pow of $700, January will be easier to bear since my companies do not expect revenue till end of that month. Am also looking forward to $400 or so from 6 days in the Army.

They keep giving out money like that, can only mean one thing. Elections coming and Lee Hsien Loong wants to be PM sooner.

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